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  1. Chances of S1092...Reason for this bill when already SKIL bill was introduced
  2. Is Iv supporting Hagel bill with EB provisions in it!
  3. Bill S.1035 shouldn't be a cause for concern
  4. Senator Chuck Hagel (R. Neb) Introduced Temporary Relief Bill for Skilled Worker Visa
  5. Why we cannot decouple legal immigration from illegal one?
  6. suggestions for immigrationvoice
  7. bill to temporarily increase the H1B ?
  8. A start ..
  9. Thanks Anti-Immigrants, Citigroup outsources 9,500
  10. Skil bill Reintroduced????
  11. Bloomberg 12PM today: Shortage of Scientists in Biotech
  12. Google CEO interview...
  13. Temporary workers could not bring their families into the country
  14. Calling/sending faxes to Talk shows might help.
  15. Are we losing focus on STRIVE/CIR ?
  16. Bush on CIR
  17. Invite Employers aswell to join the IV team to protest the new H1B bill
  18. Time Magazine Article
  19. Forget Green card, even H-1 renewal will be impossible
  20. Labor Substitution after 485
  21. Immigration on MSNBC TV
  22. Presdential election fund raising and lesson for IV members (non paying)
  23. Is IV following the right strategy?
  24. H-1B visa reform and Our Mission
  25. Nor Cal Conference call - Thursday April 5th 8pm PST
  26. SF Chronicle Inviting Feedback
  27. Lil'l concerning that Senate version is not there yet
  28. Today, the Presidential politics officially gets into Immigration
  29. Google starts free broadband Internet.
  30. The leaked White House Immigration Proposal in Nutshell
  31. Need help on dailykos.com
  32. Senate Bill Last Year & House Bill this year
  33. Upstate NY - need volunteers
  34. Anyone willing to meet lawmakers in Houston area ?
  35. Floor debate in the Senate around May14-21?
  36. Event in DC on Monday, March 26, 2007
  37. what's next
  38. Kennedy-McCain partnership falters
  39. Meeting legislators during Easter break - Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley areas
  40. Calling all NYC and upstate NY folks
  41. Superb Heritage Foundation Piece on USCIS Efficiency, Funding and Fees
  42. Salary raise
  43. Get ready to meet your lawmakers this Easter Break
  44. Calling all NYC members
  45. CIR Moves to June??!
  46. Businessweek Article
  47. E-1 visa
  48. Things Wrong with India's trade policy
  49. IS IT END OF THE STORY ??? At least it is good to say so, then i can go home rather
  50. Glenn Beck: CNN Prime time No.1 Show. - Use this?
  51. Response from Senator Jeff Bingaman (NewMexico)
  52. Non-Immigrants: All talk no action
  53. My Lawyers Advice - I-140 - Earlier PD Reference
  54. Plan B
  55. Remotely working
  56. EB Immigration and CIR
  57. Recapture of Unused Employment-Based Immigrant Visas to Schedule A workers
  58. Why we are depressed? Its not BECs. Its us to blame.
  59. Other lobbing groups and Immigrant Associations.
  60. Impact of Immigrant on the Economy - Need Input
  61. Where's the CIR bill?
  62. Bill on Dream Act 2007
  63. Feedback on "Saga Consulting Services" ??
  64. Oppose the Fee Increase!!
  65. Bill Gates to Testify on Competitiveness
  66. Just Read an Article
  67. some tips - contacting mediaperson
  68. Online petetion to judiciary committee members - is it useful?
  69. "American Dream Act" Bill for Illegal Youngsters Introduced in the House
  70. Wisconsin Members. Meeting on March 8th
  71. personal story due to greencard retrogression
  72. mn-mw IV members
  73. Live in Savannah, GA and would like to meet political figure for IV cause
  74. Here is the testimony before the Judiciary committee
  75. IV members in members in Westchester, Rockland and Putnam Counties in New York.
  76. Monthly recurring contributions signups - Marathon.
  77. Please support the open letter from Microsoft Chairman Mr Bill Gates in support CIR
  78. CT conference calls
  79. Moving back to India and 401(k) funds
  80. Funny my thread was deleted ( just for writing something good...hmm..let me think!)
  81. VA state chapter lawmaker meetings and other activities
  82. Request for IV core on citizenship issues
  83. IV needs writers for newspaper articles
  84. Calling all NJ Members!
  85. Niw
  86. lawmaker meetings
  87. FBI Name check
  88. CIR bill may be considered in April - Washington post article
  89. Immigrant (legal & skilled) Writers Diary
  90. US immigration based on points' system - Is this a possibility?
  91. Your stories of Struggle with GC wait. Urgently needed
  92. Teleconference for GA members
  93. Does any know of a company that files H1B for Teachers
  94. Watch CNBC today at 1:20 PM EST
  95. H1b Extension Question
  96. How to involve your employer/company in the CIR lobbying process:
  97. H1B Extension beyond 6 years
  98. CT Area folks
  99. Idea regarding revenue generation
  100. Campaign by IV members: chain emails
  101. When is CIR coming?
  102. Hats off to IV
  103. CIS Ombudsman Community Call In Telecons
  104. What lies beneath success?
  105. Contributions for all members who haven't signed up for recurring payments
  106. SKIL bill and like..
  107. IV's limitations, lobbying realities and your expectations
  108. Want answers now ?
  109. Lobbying Firm Changing- Are we back to 1
  110. Updates on Recent developments : 2/11/2007
  111. Issues surrounding Immigration Voice's disclosure of Funds
  112. Demand relief on equal footing ....
  113. effective way to respond
  114. Urgent media request: Need muslim IV members for interview
  115. What happened to Skil??..
  116. Is this true ?
  117. Interim Relief Fund - Time is running out..
  118. i-140 When do I have to apply for 140 after labor apprvd
  119. numberusa analysis
  120. EAD vs H1 - Which is better
  121. LC Substitution Elimination: Potential Land Mine
  122. Response from Barack Obama to my letter
  123. $30 Billion (?) paid in Taxes & Still waiting for GC
  124. One Small Incident Will Change Our Fate. Can We Dare???
  125. Senate Immig Amdmnt to Min Wage Bill NOT passed
  126. United Nations, Pls help Immigration Voice. we know your capability.
  127. For NIW and OsR applicants
  128. Michigan State Chapter Meeting/Call
  129. Anti Immigrants on CraigsList
  130. Do you guys lead to Immigration Voice SHUTDOWN by not contributing..
  131. How to increase contributions ?
  132. Strike Iron while its hot
  133. Here comes the long awaited spending bills.. are we ready?
  134. hilarious
  135. How are members ranked?
  136. One theory about who might have contributed
  137. Bush wants Indian minds. Here is the link...
  138. What if you bank account is suddenly empty??
  139. Conspiracy Theory!!
  140. Bush wants more H1Bs
  141. Pool Him In?
  142. Washington State chapter meet
  143. Realign the goals
  144. Need IV Banner 180x60
  145. Comprehensive immigration reform - State of the Union - President Bush
  146. What's going on with CIR/SKIL
  147. 3 Year Extension
  148. Just Saw This On Yahoo News
  149. WP editorial on FBI name check delays and USCIS delays
  150. Check this out - my two cents
  151. My H1b visa and status has expired HELP
  152. I-765 related lawsuit
  153. Good Attorney information
  154. Anti-immigrants attack
  155. USCIS introduces change of address online
  156. where is my case?
  157. Npr
  158. Is the core group wasting its time...let us know.
  159. Apply for EAD 6 months ahead??
  160. Rep. Tom Tancrado gets in presidential race
  161. Should you be doing this? Making Contributions?
  162. Porting my PD to my child
  163. Tristate Chapter Call
  164. Progress while waiting on GC !
  165. Complaint to USCIS.gov regarding employer(H1b) ??
  166. Feb Bulletin Out
  167. From AILA - Town hall meeting
  168. Toys R Us flip-flops
  169. NOSTOPS-- how reliable is the information?
  170. Power of Immigrants
  171. MN- Midwest Chapter : Important
  172. what should democrats do first
  173. Who Should Pay ACWIA fees for H1B filing?
  174. High skilled immigrants driving entrepreneurship and wealth creation
  175. 485 relief
  176. Add your pledge to your singature and inspire others
  177. how many members we have now
  178. Jan month $20 Marathon
  179. Pappu-my attorney wants to help us
  180. IV featured in India Post Newspaper
  181. New Year Resolution
  182. 2007 Plans
  183. Could this be fueling some of the opposition?
  184. Will Enrique be the one to help us over the line?
  185. Write a letter to your congressman/woman
  186. Updates from TRI state chapter meeting in Stamford Mall
  187. Citizen/Green card ONLY!
  188. IV representation
  189. Give IV a New Year Gift:Post about IV in other Web sites (15 min of your time!!!)
  190. Great quote
  191. MA/NH state - Conference call scheduled for Dec.23
  192. Top 10 Myths about (GC/H1B) Legal Immigrants
  193. An idea to get some funds
  194. Is it the American Competitiveness in 21st century? EB2 crisis
  195. nice article by IV!
  196. Our weakness and our strength
  197. NY, NJ, CT Tristate chapter meeting -- Christmas Meeting
  198. MN-Midwest Conference Call
  199. Propaganda by Numbersusa
  200. Call Sen.Corynyn's Office
  201. NJ Members Conference call on 1/27/07
  202. IV campaign: $20/member marathon!
  203. Symposiums at Princeton and Boston?
  204. EB green cards dispersed in 2006 by category
  205. Legal Immigrants Donations to America
  206. To support IV strategy any tasks for members??
  207. i-94 dates
  208. Congressman Marty Meehan will hold a town meeting at University of Mass Lowell (12/16
  209. Window of opportunity..
  210. republicans to get back senate?
  211. Email from Sen. Bill Nelson, Fl
  212. IV campaign: Add A Member Campaign
  213. Why can't the Anti-Immigrationists Understand this Simple Thing...
  214. Calling members from MA/NH state
  215. Calling members from NJ
  216. Status of American Competitiveness Initiative (ACI)
  217. temp victory for anti-immigrants
  218. I-94 incorrect expiry date
  219. Wisconsin Members!!Lets meet before Christmas
  220. Green Card backlog and Totalization Agreement
  221. Christmas Gift for Senators.
  222. we will lose the support of business community for the SKIL bill
  223. My Concern!-SKIL comming in 2009
  224. London poised to pass New York as world's leading city
  225. Help needed to start www.LouDobbsAmerica.com
  226. Members from Minnesota
  227. Easy Access- Senator Names/tel number by state
  228. For those people who already called
  229. Use Social Networking websites to spread the word
  230. WebFax without Registration !!!!
  231. Calling Senator's or Congressman's office
  232. Are we screwed - Waning Hope for EB Immigration during Lame Duck Session
  233. From IV: Pls. update your information
  234. House Schedule for Next week!
  235. Filing I-485 ! Is it in the law or implementation?
  236. OPEN letter to Congress: Act Now !
  237. About censorhip, moderation on IV forums
  238. Great Reuters story about us
  239. Go meet your Cong person NOW!
  240. Interm EB-Relief Bill required NOW!
  241. Say SKILL/CIR/any other bill passes - What next ?
  242. New buzz.. is IV on top of it ?
  243. IV on BBC World Have your say?
  244. Legal immigrant contribution in last 15 years.
  245. Urgent-IV members willing to be interviewed in Seattle
  246. 37 Cent Solution
  247. December 06 Visa Bulletin ?
  248. Dems got Senate too, whatz Next
  249. Lame Duck Session
  250. AILA to Push EB Bills During Lameduck Session