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  1. Latest Media Coverage on Flower Campaign
  2. Email stories to Microsoft
  3. Another whacked out idea
  4. About to get insane!!! Really bad day
  5. Please look--is it legal to hold rally
  6. Hope "Flower Campaign" will not irritate USCIS and backfire on us, to tough the immig
  7. E-Mail/Fax of Senators,Congressmen,Governors,State Legislature and Talk Show Host's
  8. Message from USCIS director about flower campaign
  9. Murthy.com - update
  10. Save Money ($15 or more) on FTD.com orders
  11. Got a email from NPR
  12. Any one from Ohio Cincinnati, Dayton, near by area ready to meet senator
  13. Legal Action Center Seeks Plaintiffs
  14. First Lawsuit against DOS/USCIS
  15. The flower campaign is WORKING !!! Send yours now!
  16. Urgent: Story for the Washington Post
  17. Exchange Rate question to the group
  18. Fox News Coverage Of Green Card Fiasco
  19. Action Item: Can we get AILA to support the flower campaign?
  20. Flowers Campaign OH-Law
  21. Review of Immigration Attorneys
  22. Any one from Ohio-Interested in peaceful protest.
  23. Help Vinay in trouble Countdown 2 days ,Please read
  24. What Rice Has To Say: 6/6/07 CNBC Interview
  25. NBC Nightly News Recording
  26. Urgent Action Item: Send Flowers Campaign
  27. To all new members
  28. One more to reach 15000!
  29. Consular Processing Update for July applicants
  30. Legal Immigrants Peaceful Protest at San Jose, CA
  31. IV on NBC Nightly News(Brian Williams) 5:30 PM CST
  32. Live discussion on Washington Post
  33. Shusterman's article
  34. I met the senatorís staff Senator George V. Voinovich (R-OH) from Ohio
  35. USCIS & DOS - how can we get more media attention?
  36. Are you going to join AILF Lawsuit?
  37. Stuck in BEC. Need help.
  38. IV's message to all BEC victims happy with visa bulletin
  39. Email the press now!!!
  40. ombudsman's report- VERY encouraging
  41. Any updates from Murthy and Khanna?
  42. The two mistake made by DOS/CIS.
  43. Contact - Senators, Congressman and President for regarding unprecedented move by DOS
  44. AILA's $25Billion Loss= Our "gain"
  45. New York Times Publicity-- good Break
  46. A June "surge" story
  47. More On The Scandal: Approvals for PDs That Were Not Current in June!!
  48. Unofficial reports of Scandal at USCIS
  49. Meet The Lawmakers Drive ON VB FIASCO
  50. Unconscionable and dishonored action
  51. Good news (sort of) - Rep. Lofgren Issues Statement on Updated Visa Bulletin
  52. Get Well Soon DOS and USCIS
  53. Can we take a step back and Analyze !!!
  54. Public Demonstration to get Media Attention
  55. Letter to Congressmen/women, Senators, Governors, and Lieutenant Governors
  57. Petition Against USCIS: No Work Day July 13
  58. Wake Up All Please
  59. Poll 2
  60. Poll..
  61. Pros and Cons of Class Action Lawsuit
  62. Coverage by AP/Washington Post
  63. IV action item: Media drive on Visa Bulletin
  64. Please post your story
  65. I-485 approved in less than 2 months!
  66. Please contribute funds for continued advocacy efforts
  67. How many money you spent?
  68. Is core group out of mind...Sueing will waste our funds..
  69. Too much Red Bull for USCIS employees
  70. Everyone please put in $ 100 ASAP to fight
  71. What a great present from US Federal Govt on the eve of July 4th (Sarcastic)
  72. URGENT IV Message: Lawsuit and other update
  73. Please contribute to IV
  74. Immigration Voice may join the lawsuits
  75. Endure
  76. BREAKING News: ALL EB unavailable
  77. bushism
  78. After CIR death Anti Immigrants target the H1b and Green Card Program
  79. What is IV core doing about DOS July bulletin rumors
  80. My suggestions -To Core Members
  81. What is the Strategy going forward?
  82. Why a comprehensive bill may never pass? Look at Bond Amdt.
  83. Immigration bill dies
  84. Disclaimer
  85. Live CIR Update June 26th
  86. DO NOT IGNORE the initial evidence. You will get denied.
  87. Any advantage filing AP-Advance Parole after Aug 1st??
  88. Make this IV article the Most popular in MSN
  89. New report that we should send to decision makers
  90. Situation
  91. IV Version 2.0
  92. Thanks for Business week article
  93. L1 to Green card
  94. Opportunity to express your support for IV
  95. Cohen & Grisby Vs Sen.Grassley Issue
  96. FBI name Check
  97. EB2 485 approvals
  98. Cantwell - Kyl amendment?? new one
  99. It may be possible to file 485 against employer's wishes.
  100. Oppose Proposed New CIR
  101. CIR coming back as S. 1639.
  102. Over-documentation and trying to pre-empt RFEs
  103. IV Action Alert: NJ Members who are filing I-140s now
  104. Name Check Article on washingtonpost.com
  105. are there any people like me ?
  106. USINPAC take on Immigration Bill
  107. Can july VB cutoff date move backwards ?
  108. Grassley Continues Work To Close H-1b And L Visa Loopholes
  109. Response from Ted Kennedy
  110. Go IV Go
  111. Response from Senator Harry Ried
  112. From Core Team: NJ Members, Please read
  113. Consular Processing Pros and Cons
  114. Is there any use in waiting till next bulletin?
  115. URGENT: requires everyones attention
  116. What forms I have to fill for Imm. Medicals
  117. CA GOP Deputy Political Director is H-1B!!!
  118. Bad News For Some: CIR is back
  119. I485 And Marriage
  120. Finger printing and 485 Receipt Notice question
  121. Need some help
  122. July Bulletin Is Out - All Eb Categories Are Current
  123. CIS Ombudsman Announces 2007 Annual Report to Congress
  124. CIR 2007 Responses from Senators
  125. Show me your signature!
  126. Break the silence.
  127. Tom Tacredo rating less than HALF a Percentage Point
  128. Bush to push immigration bill at Capitol
  129. Washington Post : Immigration judges corrupt, incompetent
  130. immi bill on mon jun 11
  131. CIR will be back in weeks time
  132. Immigration debate in youtube with a twist
  133. HealthCare Professionals from Michigan
  134. raise funds through adds on website
  135. Why Senator Cantwell voted for Cloture yesterday?
  136. Revisit our strategy
  137. Thank You IV
  138. CIR - Rest In Peace !!!
  139. Did no SKIL kill the bill
  140. CIR voted out in Senate 33-63 huraay
  141. Something Good is happening in Senate !!
  142. We apologize for website outages
  143. Comparison US immigration policy vs. your countries
  144. SA 1231 Amendment
  145. Some humor to lighten? the mood
  146. Immigration Bill Point System: More Indian Engineers, Fewer Hispanic Families
  147. Lobby the White House with Web Fax Campaign?
  148. Phone numbers of all Senators - Print this and keep handy
  149. Is it a good idea to temporarily freeze activity on all other threads?
  150. Immigration Bill- What will happen in Congress
  151. Merit Based Immigration Look at Canada Point System
  152. Is there a country cap exemption for the 90,000 visas set aside
  153. Meeting with Congressman Keith Ellison, MN
  154. STEM - what majors are included in each of the 4 categories?
  155. Google video of Numbers USA
  156. Everyone plsease see this thread & drop onetime $10 & post your confirmation
  157. Rejection of visa petitions filed after May 15 2007
  158. Webfaxing To House Of Representatives
  159. To all Guests -- Please become member now
  160. S1397 - Some good provisions
  161. Green Card Filing Questions
  162. Do The Math - $100 * 13,000 = 1,300,000
  163. Read Pappu's message and contribute now
  164. A small good news..
  165. Getting H1b in India to become difficult?
  166. Cap increase from 65k to 115K
  167. No consulting for H1B if bill becomes Law
  168. No more H1-B extension beyond 6th year if this bill passes
  169. Senate CIR versus House Immigration Bill
  170. voices of immigration
  171. recent news of immigration visa
  172. IV on Radio
  173. Immigration Voice on Radio at 6:35 EST
  174. Hopeless and depressing situation for EB applicants.......
  175. Contact Groups
  176. You missed a chance to benefit from lawbreaking
  177. Favourable EB Amendments on S.1348
  178. Would Teaching Assistantships and Research Assistantships come under "work"?
  179. Immigration and H-1B on Businessweek.com
  180. IV ACTION ALERT: Call Senators Again
  181. Talking point's when you call your senetor
  182. Damaging Article for Legal Immigrants in Today's Washington Post - Also NYT Poll
  183. Start Posting videos on Youtube
  184. Cir 2007
  185. H.R. 47 [108th]: Restoration of Fairness in Immigration Act of 2003
  186. amendment by senator srikondoji.
  187. Access to Earned Adjustment ??
  188. Poll: Will you eventually go back to your country?
  189. Legals (vs) Illegals
  190. New Members! Welcome! Click here to catch up
  191. The quiet crisis in US education
  192. Will fringe cases ever get represented?
  193. IV action items -poll
  194. Has IV taken care of all issues??
  195. Info : All Amendments to S.1348 until today .
  196. Fax numbers: fax senators with your personal letter now!
  197. PA Residents, start calling your Senators!
  198. Pls DONT call Sen. Liebermann's office unless you live in CT.
  199. Poll: How many of us are screwed because of May 21st, 2007 cut off date?
  200. testing
  201. Anwer this question on answer.yahoo.com
  202. Instead of phones/faxes......
  203. Action Item: Send Emails to all senators using this text.
  204. f1 visa
  205. Non-availability for missing/incomplete birth certificate from Delhi--how??
  206. Gameplan if the bill passes in current form for legals.
  207. How can I change my status to ILLEGAL?
  208. Inclusion of Following Amendments in Bill Text would be great!!!
  209. 2 weeks should be enough
  210. Action Ideas - Please contribute and Follow !
  211. New Masters graduate!
  212. May 12 Attorney Conf. Call Recording Now Available
  213. End of H1B consulting? Durbin-Grassely provisions in CIR!
  214. mn-mw conference call
  215. border security and immigration reform 2007
  216. Do I need to Renew Passport Right NOw?
  217. Jokes for a change
  218. Last year's S 2611 available on Thomas As S 1348
  219. IV core grp will continue working hard even after PD movements
  220. PD becomes current but your Labor application is still pending?
  221. How different things are this time?
  222. Ailanet - Please Send As Many Messages As Possible
  223. SATURDAY 10:30 AM Eastern: Attorney Call
  224. Questions invited- Free immigration advice
  225. Jeff Sessions Past
  226. When is CIR dead?
  227. May 06 Attorney Call
  228. What do you think the Immigration Restrictionists Strategy is..?
  229. Need help with Bills
  230. Meeting lawmakers
  231. My best wishes to Sen. Brownback and Sen. McCain
  232. FBI Namecheck cleanup bill
  233. House Judiciary Committee Hearing on the Points System
  234. immigration-law.com Hacked
  235. Neo-Cons CIR Propaganda and Why we should be pro-active
  236. Illegal immigrants rallying today
  237. Penn & Teller's Bullshit! on immigration
  238. Iv.Org in Immigration-law.com
  239. Sen. Brownback(R-KS) rescinds immigration bill support
  240. Another curveball: Point based immigration system
  241. URGENT: Northern California Members - Please read
  242. UPDATE ON Congressman Gutierrez Event in SAN JOSE
  243. Please attend this event in San Jose CA. 4/21/2007.
  244. List of STEM disciplines
  245. Anti-immigrants exploiting Virginia Tech Killing's
  246. If Pass, When Can Take Efect
  247. What is meant by 3 years experience before immigrant petition in SKIL Act
  248. Money, Money and only Money
  249. IBSN - bad experience I had with them that I want to share
  250. 16th congressional district - volunteers needed