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  1. Interesting comments on OH LAW site about Senator Cornyn
  2. Feedback needed for NJ Oct 28th Conference
  3. a little research help please
  4. Letter I got from Senator Kennedy: we don't even exist
  5. H.R. 3043 Labor-HHS FY 2008 Appropriation Bill
  6. Announcement: Attorney at NJ Conference Oct 28
  7. What are the next steps?
  8. New Democrat Coalition
  9. Recaptured Greencards for Nurses: Yet Again!
  10. DREAM Act as a stand-alone bill introduced
  11. Immigration Voice Live Conference In New Jersey On Sunday, Oct 28th
  12. Idea Implemetations : To what extend people may be participating?
  13. A suggestion for IV agenda
  14. Should we support SIA and IEEE
  15. IV Message: How to start a Chapter and maintain it?
  16. What is the next step as far as IV is concerned?
  18. California Physicians
  19. Immigration Debate is coming back
  20. IDEA: Pledge to Dept Of Education
  21. How about another flower campaign to leaders of both houses?
  22. Florida - Sunshine staters - join IV Local Chapter
  23. EAD & AP for more than 1 year? Interesting
  24. The productivity of Immigrants!
  25. GC Sponsorship by Employer and Legal commitment to work for Him.
  26. Senate Sidelines Dream Bill
  27. IV- Screw Up By Cnn
  28. Laws surrounding defamatory posts and libel suits
  29. will SA 2238 go through?
  30. artists needed, even CAD expertise may help
  31. Publicity through cartoons
  32. SKILL Bill?
  33. Fight against Fraudaulent Employers
  34. immigration hearing on fee increase
  35. IV publicty: Post a question on Youtube for Republican Debate
  36. travelafter i485.. is it risky?
  37. Name: Legal Immigration Voice Establishment (LIVE)
  38. Educational - Must Read : How rallies make a difference.
  39. DREAM Act any good for EB
  41. SA 2143. Amendment to H.R. 1585, by Mr. CORNYN
  42. Reciept Notice Discussion Event At Washington Dc
  43. Send positive messages to governers!
  44. Governors letter to the Congress and Senate on 09-11-07
  45. Rally Final Video - exclusive for last Motivation
  46. Do not answer any offensive post
  47. How bad is driving to DC on a weekday
  48. Out of Status
  49. H4 to H1B - Application for SSN
  50. ** If You Are Not Coming For The Rally, Atleast Do This!! **
  51. The pursuit of happiness... DC rally Sept 18
  52. Admit it, You just donít have it in you!
  53. Volunteering in DC area on the weekend before rally 09/15 through 09/18
  54. Ron Hira on NPR "Talk of the nation" at 2pm - Please call in to Ask this question.
  55. URGENT ACTION NEEDED: Email us to if you want us to setup your meeting with lawmakers
  56. Important Message to the Sideliners
  57. House comittee to have hearing on STRIVE ACT ob Sep 6, 2007
  58. Important: Tri State Area Event
  59. Have you had enough of it and want to speak up?
  60. Thank You to an Anonymous volunteer
  61. Seattle area Radio Interview opportunity
  62. Request to IV-Core. Please contact Vivek Wadhwa and CBS 60 Minutes team
  63. Hear Vivek Wadhwa on WI Public Radio
  64. A MUST READ report about Brain Drain and immigrants
  65. Radio program on Retrogression RIGHT NOW
  66. Home Page Video not visible when viewed from Firefox
  67. Diversity Lottery FY08
  68. NY/NJ area members: Anyone going back to the home country
  69. Feature immigrants like Siskind
  70. NY/NJ area: Huge media lead
  71. Can Admin creates new forum for GC holders
  72. Dem leader: Comprehensive Immigration out until 2013
  73. Thanks Raj, Murali and Kumar : India Day parade:
  74. From Buffalo, NY to join DC Rally
  75. Incidences of exploitation employers/attorney
  76. iv Action: All Members Check Here For State Chapters
  77. Does search option work on IV site?
  78. Does search option work on IV site?
  79. @@--> URGENT - Need your stories ASAP. <--@@
  80. From IV:Are you going back/planning to go back to home country for good?
  81. Our Meeting with Senator Cornyn
  82. Details of Spector Bill - WOW
  83. Arlen Specter: "Let's give ALL Illegals green cards!!!"
  84. Kudos to IV - 22,000 members
  85. NY/NJ/CT Tri state chapter meeting!!!
  86. IV alert: IV site will be down on Monday 8 AM- 12 PM EST
  87. Tancredo: Threaten to bomb Muslim holy sites in retaliation
  88. Lobbying with DOS...is it an option to consider?
  89. White Tie March of the Legally Blind
  90. Competitiveness Bill does not have immigration provisions
  91. Facts on the IV menu items
  92. Forum Organization - A suggestion
  93. From IV: If are badly affected by a bad immigration lawyer
  94. Rep. Lofgren Introduces Bill to Void Immigration Fee Increases
  95. Specter has new immigration Package.
  96. Can one change PD after the recept of the Labor from backlog center
  97. Join the Massachusetts State Chapter on Yahoo Groups
  98. POLL:- Will you be there for DC rally?
  99. **@@ Are You From Texas ?? @@**
  100. State Chapter mailing lists
  101. Cnn Youtube Debate
  102. A new CIR?
  103. Sen Specter planning a toned down immigration bill
  104. They agreed on Schumer amend
  105. Service Center Processing times
  106. FYI: Reply rcvd From Senator Barbara Boxer
  107. SA 2428. Mr. CORNYN's amendment to recapture unused visa#s
  108. Schumer Ammendment
  109. Join the Southern California chapter on Yahoo Groups
  110. NY NJ CT PA and nearby areas - coffe at Starbucks
  111. Senate To Vote on Two Key Amendements
  112. Contribution Poll
  113. What will happen to IV in next few months if every one gets GC?
  114. Tallahassee, Florida state chapter general meeting
  115. action items for state chapters
  116. Moving States with 140 approved and 485 filed
  117. Join the Texas State Chapter on Yahoo Groups
  118. iv-physicians - a chapter for the medical community
  119. EB Quota related Vote yesterday?
  120. Defeat- We Shockingly Lost A Great Chance Of Winning 2,40,000 Recapture Unused Visas
  121. The way to restore justice
  122. Green card in EB2 process
  123. Are Family members required to be in US for I-485 filing?
  124. Bashing US citizens
  125. Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC
  126. How skilled immigrants found their voice
  127. folks who are single and what IV can do to help them
  128. Poll: Stuck in namecheck?
  129. The outcome of the VB fiasco is the worst what could happen
  130. Any one a client of Cohen & Grisby
  131. IV helped tech workers organize & score victory in DC
  132. Calling registration members..
  133. 485 Processing Analysis WRT Visa Bulletin
  134. Future IV Contributions !!!!
  135. Jobdestruction.com - Shocking Post
  136. Live NPR story
  137. IV in Times of India
  138. e-file EAD
  139. NumbersUSA H1 fax back..
  140. Mistake by USCIS - what should I do?
  141. IV's Next course of Action and Time Lines
  142. Defense Authorization Act & Cornyn SKILL bill ammd
  143. Thanks Mr. John Cornyn but...
  144. IV action alert: Lets work on the next phase of legslative activity
  145. July bulletin reinstatement: for all or only for new applicants?
  146. Flower Campaign Successful: Please Read
  147. Attn July 2nd I-485 fillers
  148. Greg Sisking Blog FAQ
  149. Thread To THANKS IV CORE !!
  150. WaldenPon
  151. Momentum
  152. Thank You IV!
  153. WSJ: U.S. Reverses Visa Stance
  154. What's next??
  155. Relax! Give IV Core a break.
  156. Boycott CNN!
  157. Washington Post--U.S. to Take Green Card Applications
  158. Mr CORNYN submitted SKILL Bill to the bill H.R. 1585 as an Amendment
  159. Will it be too late to mail out 485 application on Aug.17 ??
  160. Cheer up and donate
  161. EAD after 90 days?
  162. I Thank Emilio Gonzalez
  163. Next Steps: Recapture and Name Check Delays
  164. Needs Attention: Bigger Prize
  165. IV core thanks its members
  166. Thanks and further action..
  167. Thank you IV
  168. July 2007 processing dates are out
  169. Passport Backlog Reduction Act of 2007 (S. 966)
  170. After the press release and the new Bulletin
  171. Help Needed Please
  172. Help Needed Please
  173. Business Week Article on "U.S. government may speed up green card processing"
  174. Why AILA's opinion is different from Immigration Voice
  175. we are 20,000 strong..... please contribute
  176. AILA Update on Visa fiasco
  177. Judgment Day!
  178. Pro imigrant article on CNN
  179. Exposing Most Disruptive IV Members
  180. NumbersUSA
  181. USCIS Reportedly To Accept Some July 2007 EB-485 Filings
  182. WSJ report
  183. Rallies 101
  184. Members from Texas join conference call...
  185. Greg Siskind Reports:Details Leaking Out on July Visa Bulletin Fiasco
  186. IMPORTANT - Calling all Texas IV members
  187. Add to WIKIPEDIA
  188. IV Membership is racing north.
  189. Rally in Sacramento... Anyone Interested?
  190. Rally in Madison
  191. Did IV collect names Tel # of the participants of this rally
  192. How to answer Lou Dobbs
  193. Rallies in other cities - Pl post ur opinion
  194. Members from Texas Join the state chapter
  195. Watch Lou & Tancredo mission to spread lies and hate
  196. Lessons learnt from SJ rally
  197. Please sign petition against Lou Dobbs CNN
  198. Business Week Article
  199. San Jose rally suggestion
  200. A note of thanks to congresswoman Lofgren
  201. Alert from AILA for Dream Act Support
  202. Sign your petition to Secretary Chertoff.
  203. Our issue on NPR
  204. If Aug bulletin is Current, what happens to July 2 filers?
  205. Media Coverage in Wisconsin's leading news source
  206. Track: Lou Dobbs wild speculations & Facts for Media Sponsors
  207. flower campain is covered by indian channel IBNLive.com
  208. San Jose Rally STILL HAPPENING!
  209. From Core : A HUGE Development likely in next 24 Hours - II
  210. Time for congratulating IV with Kind
  211. EB2 confusing ad
  212. Rally in Tally(Tallahassee, capital City of Florida)
  213. I believe FBI should share the blame for current fiasco
  214. URGENT HELP : Media attention For San Jose Rally.
  215. NPR Story on Visa Bulletin Debacle Delayed: Poss Tomorrow (Fri)
  216. Now phase-II of campaign begins
  217. USCIS Reportedly Returning Visa Numbers to DOS ??
  218. Cannot upload and need approval from IV
  219. Bill to be introduced for tighter restrictions on Legal Immigration
  220. advantages:Both spouse on H1b
  221. Chance to share your comments/issues to CIS Ombudsman on July 12
  222. Calling all bloggers@IV
  223. Ghandhigiri Way Pamplet
  224. Visa numbers WERE available July 2nd!!
  225. Zoe Lofgren's letter is on AILA
  226. Driving from LA to San Jose July 14
  227. Seeds of Legal Immigration Issues - Flower campaign
  228. Support from Bollywood?
  229. Breaking News: Lofgren Gives Uscis Three Days To Answer Questions
  230. Can Schwarzenegger support us?
  231. URGENT - Help for Saturday's July 14th rally
  232. Mr. GONALEZ SIGNED for my flowers!!
  233. "issues in a nutshell" on main page
  234. A Poem for our cause
  235. Rally in Chicago
  236. A job well done! Now next steps
  237. CIR in Piecemeal?
  238. Increased Fees by USCIS - Important
  239. Thanks!!!!
  240. Online Rally: For people who cannot go to DC
  241. Flowers For Condi ??
  242. Rumor of Potentail reverse of July 485 Applications
  243. Any broadcast so far?
  244. San Jose Protest July 14: Efforts by ALL
  245. Poll: Filing Lawsuit?
  246. AILF's Legal Action Center Seeks Plaintiffs on EB Visa Number Availability Issue.
  247. Filing 485 even when dates are not current..
  248. Big thanks to Nixtor (Sivakanth) and English_August(Vikas)
  249. Exposing Lou Dobbs
  250. Look at what's happening to our friend