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  1. Another IDEA :) ??
  2. lets do a Flower campaign for Obama & McCain (two weeks left for elections)
  3. Obama vs. McCain on Highly Skilled Legal Immigration
  4. Scheduled downtime between 12 AM CST and 6 AM CST on October 24, 2008.
  5. ACTION NEEDED: USCIS is ignoring AC21 regulations - please join effort to fight this
  6. PD confusion
  7. this is aweful
  8. RECAPTURE through Lame Duck Session
  9. RECAPTURE through Lame Duck Session
  10. Vote for HR 5882 NOW
  11. Congress Currently Undertaking Passage of Pending Bills en Masse!!
  12. Racist VP candidate
  13. Love to see OBAMA as Prez, but it will certainly kill green cards for highly skilled
  14. We Might Still Have A Chance - Visa Recapture
  15. Election year politics & recapture bill
  16. Do you think that, this proposal will gain more traction
  17. Senator Mendendez introduces recap bill in senate?
  18. IV blamed
  19. How to write to congress
  20. H.R 5882 Live Update
  21. Write Online Letter to congress for Our Plight - Send Letter Online
  22. H.R. 5882 I Called Poll
  23. H.R 5882 is scheduled again...Lets Call again
  24. September 23, the House Judiciary Committee expects to take up bills
  25. Senate May Adjourn on Oct 3rd.
  26. Elections 2008 - How it affects us?
  27. Avast! Me Hearties!
  28. Urgent Action Item: Call Judiciary Committee for Hearing/Mark up date of HR 5882
  29. Today is Sep 18 our Rally Anniversary - Let us reunite
  30. HR 5882 markup on Sep 17 2008 - Live update!!
  31. Live Commentary - HR 5882 - Sep 17, 2008
  32. Please Focus Only On The Calls Today!!!
  33. House Judiciary Committee Schedules Continued Mark-Up of H.R. 5882
  34. Threat of GC screw-up for posting political comments in IV!?
  35. Job change after getting GC
  36. IV has new sections now
  37. Sen. McCain's answer to question about EB green cards
  38. GOVERNMENT 101: How a Bill Becomes Law
  39. List Bugs and your thoughts so that we can improve IV tracker
  40. Flower Campain (or) Rally for H.R.5882
  41. So much for free speech+Where is the IV Leadership?
  42. Live Updates : House Judiciary Comittee Hearing
  43. Full House Judiciary Committee H.R. 5882 & 5924
  44. IV Chat is here.
  45. IV call campaign HR 5882
  46. Action: HR 5882 Lets CALL
  47. AP Port Of Entry Issues - Write to DOS and USCIS
  48. lets get organized
  49. New Guess : Will H.R 5882 pass ?
  50. Why don't we ourselves write editorials/articles on Immigration
  51. From IV: New featue: IV Blogs
  52. Demand Resignation from NSC director/USCIS officials
  53. Looking for a link on DOL site for complain
  54. Advisory for AC 21 Change of Employment EB-485 Filers
  55. From IV: Calling members in media planning and advertising field
  56. Its official: We're "Anchor Immigrants"
  57. Signature in the posts: How about this idea?
  58. Some coverage about IV and Visa capture resolution in Indian media
  59. HR 5882 Counterpart Introduced in Senate by Hon. MENENDEZ
  60. Recapture Visa
  61. Oppostion to HR5882
  62. HR 5882 Video webcast
  63. URGENT UPDATE: HR5882 scheduled for July 31 - PLEASE CALL
  64. Ombudsman Calls: A lost opportunity for the community
  65. What is our stand on illegal immigration
  66. Open letter from Industry leaders and Immigration Voice
  67. Legal Immigration Extension Act in Senate
  68. NSC / TSC Processing Times not out yet
  69. IV's Red/Green Dot System: Core/Seniors please respond
  70. Can we get a system to send emails and letters directly to Congress
  71. Are we losing the energy and momentum?
  72. Ne updates on house bills?House is in session till Aug 7 and then sep 4 to 26 th only
  73. How to sue USCIS
  74. Why can't we take action against some employers
  75. Any hope for a congressional action before August Recess?
  76. Wish Bill Gates Good Luck...
  77. What other org is saying about the chance of our 3 bills
  78. USCIS will Google You :)
  79. Can we have monthy recurring contribution of $25 or so getting started again?
  80. Call Campaign to get support from Rep Lamar Smith: IV update 06/23/2008
  81. IV update: June 23, 2008
  82. Radio Talk Show Publicity
  83. IV update: June 19th, 2008
  84. Is there ne need of Calling Senators now forcoponsoring S.3084(identicalto HR.6039)
  85. News Article about Lofgren Bills in NJ Herald
  86. Latest Guidance from USCIS regarding AC21 application to I-140, I-1485 and I-129
  87. IV update: June 13, 2008
  88. US still tops in Sci and Tech w/h the help of foriegn talent
  89. Live Updates: House Judiciary Immigration Subcommitte Hearing
  90. We should contact/send mail to USCIS for 2 Yr AP
  91. FBI Name Check new Info!
  92. 06/12 Hearing on the Need for Green Cards for Highly Skilled Workers
  93. New Push in Congress
  94. Please write to USCIS Ombudsman's office
  95. Call Campaign Phase3 - Here it comes
  96. CALL CAMPAIGN Part 2: New List of Reps to Call
  97. Upcoming CIS Ombudsman teleconference on USCIS Summer 2007 Application Surge
  98. HR 6090 eliminate the diversity immigrant program and to re-allocate those visas
  99. Senate just passed Iraq war funding bill 70-26
  100. We lost again...
  101. H1B Skilled Immigrants Group in www.barackobama.com
  102. Mr. SESSIONS in senate on 5/19
  103. Another Blow:Proposal to End Concurrent I-140/I-485 Filings
  104. H. R. 5634 to remove PHD's from Limit introduced in House
  105. Will HR 6039 benefit EB3 applicants as well?
  106. American Innovators Act
  107. Feinstein, Lofgren use Iraq spending bill to push for guest-worker program
  108. URGENT : Rep Lofgren`s Retain International Talent Bill
  109. VERY URGENT: A few MINUTES of YOUR VOICE will be INVALUABLE to our cause
  110. Let us do the flower Campaign too!
  111. Campaign to call specific Congressional Hispanic Caucus Members
  112. Issuing Leaflets
  113. Ron Gotcher's post, What you gonna do about it?
  114. Raising million $
  115. Template to request your friends' contributions and membership
  116. Ne update on fix for Filing Adj of Status(485)without priority date being current?
  117. HR 5924 is live!
  118. H.r.5924 For Nurses
  119. H.R. 5921- Introduced to eliminate per country Quota for EB Immigrants
  120. Oversight on how the Visa cut off dates are established
  121. Another 50,000 visas for high skilled!!
  122. House Judiciary Immigration Subcommittee hearing 4/30
  123. Send letters online to Subcommittee members to support Visa Recapture
  124. IV needs your support to push for our provisons
  125. Hispanic Caucus Against Piecemeal Legislation
  126. Calls to Action from Groups & Organizations
  127. Suggestion for Administrators.
  128. Another opportunity -- Sen.Cornyn and co.'s new proposed legislation
  129. Question on LinkedIn from Sen. John McCain
  130. Lobbying at Company level.
  131. Appointment with the President!
  132. Citizenship..
  133. Recapturing the unused visa numbers
  134. USCIS Letter after IV campaign???
  135. Aila - Uscis Meeting Minutes - Apr 08
  136. Breaking NEWS:- Only OPT rule so far.....
  137. Visa statistics for Fiscal Year 2007
  138. Stopping visa wastage by USCIS should be our #1 priority
  139. We should write in mass to White House
  140. Welcome to IV Tracker
  141. Letter from USCIS after sending letter to President
  142. Vbulletin Profile
  143. Congress is holding H-1B boost 'hostage,' says Oracle lobbyist
  144. IV- The Best Thing Happened to Immigration community
  145. How to educate USCIS agents?
  146. Admin Fix Letter: Response from CIS/WH
  147. Senators on Citizenship Delays: What About EB Greencards?
  148. Important News! New Bill introduced
  149. Prevent Visa Wastage Early: Bay Area -- Call Zoe Lofgren
  150. STRIVE act - does it have any green card / EB related measures?
  151. National Pane: U.S math education "broken"
  152. Something is happening for immigrants again
  153. Bill Gates to appear before Congress...
  154. Demographics?
  155. Watch CNN Right Now
  156. The Circus starts again : Shenanigans In The House
  157. CompeteAmerica Letter to House Speaker for Employment-Based Legislation
  158. EB2 Sucked up >> EB3 Going to be out soon >> Where are you?
  159. Free T-Shirts
  160. Gift i got on V- Day
  161. New Cir Bill In The Works???
  162. IV-Physicians Update
  163. Happy Valentines. LOVE LETTER SENT?
  164. Give me a CATCHY AD in few words
  165. thepoint.com campaign to track the letters!
  166. You CAN'T Read This
  167. Is this out of Status ?
  168. !!!!! Are you CRAZY ENOUGH ?!?!?!!!!!
  169. My 4 year old girl....
  170. *** Deadline: MARCH 1ST. Target: 25000 Letters. Can we make it happen? **
  171. Need to strengthen IV
  172. Presidentís Fy 2009 Budget Request For Uscis
  173. Update on Immigration Subcommitte hearing: Report from National Immigration Forum
  174. Want Multi-year EAD?
  175. ** We are 24,400 short. Can you Help us make it BY FEBRUARY 9th ? **
  176. Choice for president
  177. Preseidential candidates on immigration
  178. You do not want to send letters?
  179. Economy stimulus tied to Legal immigration?
  180. President Bush addresses legal immigration today
  181. Tri-state rising
  182. Immigrants can save economy out of recession
  183. Imp Update: Savings over $6000 (Act Immly)
  184. Attention: Northern California Members ( SIGN n DINE Campaign)
  185. IV Thanks immigration lawyers supporting our letter campaign
  186. How to change Recurring charge from one credit card to another ?
  187. Action item: Publicize IV letter campaign
  188. Tracker: campaign for Administrative fixes:
  189. Action alert: Please express your support for IV
  190. You can contribute via check now
  191. Massive IV campaign for Administrative fixes
  192. Professor Wadhwa on Youtube -- in his own words!!!
  193. What lies beneath...
  194. ALL or NOTHING..... raising million $
  195. Obama's views on Immigration and H1 increase
  196. regarding SSN
  197. Celebrating 2nd IV anniversary: IV action Item
  198. PM's Daughter at ACLU??
  199. Awesome News
  200. Administrative fixes post I-140
  201. To IV core, Omnibus Bill is Scheduled to act on Tuesday
  202. I am willing to part
  203. I strongly think there should be a
  204. Did you see the IV kids in action!
  205. U.S. kicks out world's brightest when most needed - Europe says "we want you"
  206. High-tech visa debate comes to Congress via 'blue cards'
  207. Your opinions and votes needed: IV a paid organization
  208. Fox news commentator takes on Lou Dobbs
  209. Constitutionality argument against per-country ceilings
  210. If IV becomes a paid organization....
  211. stamping
  212. Suggestion to increase contribution
  213. For non-members: A brief introduction to IV
  214. Missed the Train!!!
  215. Huckabee Immigraton Platform: Increase Visas for the Hghly Skilled
  216. NEW: NFAP report on high skill immigration
  217. New UK Immigration law
  218. Trsnferring Membership Among State Chapters
  219. Time to act
  220. IV Video Presentation
  221. Happy Thanksgiving to all IV members and their families
  222. ~*~*~ AUSTIN, TEXAS IV Meet - SATURDAY - Dec 1st 2007 ~*~*~
  223. Last few weeks of 2007
  224. DHS Yearbook of Immigration Statistics 2006
  225. How to start a local meetup and what to do?
  226. Another Roll Call add?
  227. Action Item: Meet Lawmakers
  228. From IV : Dec Visa Bulletin: What this means for us
  229. Dec 2010 Bulletin is out
  230. New Immigration Reform this year ??
  231. Senators write Again to Chertoff (Nov 8)
  232. ACTION ITEM: IV workgroups
  233. Skil- Killed??
  234. SAVE ACT..Any one heard about this!!
  235. Happy Diwali to all IV members and their families
  236. travel with jet
  237. FROM IV- Status Update
  238. Discrimination and Outrage!
  239. U P D A T E : F R O M I V
  240. Anybody saw Sen. Grassley on CSPAN tonight, talking about H1B
  241. PA senator replied to me!
  242. ** Operation 100 **
  243. How to get money from India
  244. OH LAW - H.R. 3043 Conference Update - Both Immigration Bills Killed!
  245. Why 61,000 Visa Recapture Exclusively for Nurses is bad for EB3 IT guys
  246. Should we take any action on this--Send faxes/Phone Calls ??
  247. From IV: I485 denied/Do you have receipt notice problem:
  248. "Say No to the H-1B Fee Increase Amendment"
  249. IV WI Chapter Meeting on Fri 11/16 in Brookfield, WI
  250. Rep. Shuler to Introduce Enforcement-Only Bill Soon - NumbersUSA