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  1. Supreme Court backs Arizona immigration law that punishes businesses
  2. public teleconference with USICS Ombudsman
  3. all members from tri-state are gather here (NY, NJ & CT)
  4. access to donor forums
  5. I485 Approved when PD not Current
  6. Count the people care for self
  7. IV South California Chapter - inviting new members
  8. May Bulletin is out - EB2I only 2 months movement
  9. Action Alert: Please give your 1 minute to IV for media work
  10. Urgent: Does your success depend on I-485 or green-card?
  11. Housing at all time low:Concentrate on Lottery green cards
  12. Urgent: In, ks, ar, nm, nv, ut,la, al, tn,ne, wi, ri, nh
  13. Suggestion:Advocacy Day
  14. IV announcement: USCIS to Issue Employment Authorization and Advance Parole Card
  15. Immigration Voice: President's vision on immigration "in the right direction"
  16. The President's speech tonight to reference EB green cards
  17. Congressman Flake reintroduces STAPLE Act
  18. Perhaps it is time to realise a few facts
  19. USCIS official predictions for EB3
  20. Bill to give DV numbers to EB!!
  21. Remove Immigration Lottery Program
  22. How do Amnesty supporters feel about being “back porched” by the Obama legislative ag
  23. Senate Bill Would Make for Smoother U.S. Entry for Foreign Entrepreneurs
  24. Do Legal Permanent Residents need to finger print on Airport Arrival ?
  25. msnbc.com is reporting - Obama: Still committed to immigration reform
  26. House passes America COMPETES HR 5116
  27. Voted YES -I485-filing w/o current PD? Check private messages
  28. 8 Republicans who supported the Dream
  29. How do we get a stand alone bill?
  30. Dream Act: 59 Yeas 40 Nays on Motion to proceed, it goes to Cloture Votes
  31. What is in the future?
  32. UPDATE on new version of Dream Act
  33. Myths of Dream Act
  34. Dream Act - Moving to the Front of the Line
  35. What is IV's strategy going forward?
  36. USCIS Fee Increase on Nov 23rd 2010. Premium Processing - worst hit
  37. Advance Parole - Required documents
  38. Lot of Eb3 to Eb2 Porting-- Eb2 will not move much next fiscal year
  39. Bill S0185 active again (Please call your Senators for support)
  40. nov bulletin out
  41. Read the law regarding EB
  42. Priority Date
  43. Access to donor forum issues
  44. One more chance
  45. A new Bill for legal immigration backlog
  46. stop social security and medicare tax till green card getting processed
  47. chances of piecemeal bill in this congress
  48. Paying for H1B Transfer Fee?
  49. SKIL Act of 2010 Introduced in House
  50. Next Attorney Confrence call
  51. New H1-B and L-1 fee is an opportunity
  52. Calling all EB-3s to work against the country quota
  53. Sen. Jeff Sessions of Alabama Introduces S. 3702 to Grant Adjustment of Status
  54. Tom Tancredo running for Colorado Governer
  55. We need passionate leaders like Rep. Anthony Weiner to take up our cause
  56. Agency weighs skirting Congress on immigration
  57. Immigrant rights groups adjust focus to passage of AgJobs, Dream Act-Washington Post
  58. Action Item: Town hall meetings
  59. New!!!! Employment based visa bill introduced!!!!
  60. Email from Senator JOHN CORNYN about CIR
  61. United States v/s Arizona
  62. Be UNREASONABLE & a CAUSE of progress.
  63. USCIS Ombudsman's recommendations 2010: Processing of Waivers of Inadmissibility
  64. URGENT:No More EAD renewals, No More H1Bs for some: Employ America Act
  65. Live updates: Advocacy day Event
  66. STEM Bill already passed in the House??
  67. Temporary Work Authorization- Amendment
  68. Response from MI congressman
  69. Missouri state gather here.
  70. 3000 phone calls more effective than millions of dollars put in by large banks
  71. Ohhhhh Boy...
  72. BUILDING A HIGH-TECH WORKFORCE - Hearing on May 6, 2010
  73. Imporant update on CIR proposal - 28th April-2010
  74. prediction - inevitable future of immigration bill - cir
  75. A case for CIR to be taken up
  76. May 2010 Bulletin is out!!!!!!!!!!!!
  77. May VB is out!!!!!!
  78. Visi to WA Senators Murray and Cantwell offices
  79. Illegal Hispanic immigration is undermining American values
  80. CNBC - Sen. Graham says very unlikely anything on immigration & education
  81. Testimony of USCIS Directory (March 23, 10)
  82. Listening Session - Implications of H-1B Memo on Healthcare Industry
  83. Anyone in media planning/advertising industry?
  84. CIR, Immigration & Healthcare: everything related
  85. Important
  86. Imp AILA Report - NewarK Airport - good news??
  87. Announcement:IV would like to help with AC21 cases
  88. Media opportunity on green card backlogs
  89. Why hasn't IV joined the Reform Immigration for America Campaign?
  90. Health Care reform....any incentives for Non Immigrant Physicians
  91. Oppose the Guiterrez CIR - IV IS NOT ONLY ABOUT EB, It is also abot H1Bs
  92. Agenda based reporting by Information week
  93. IV update: CIR 2009 bill Text
  94. IMP IV UPDATE: Info from USCIS on Pending visa applications
  95. Report of the Visa Office 2009 Table
  96. IV releases USCIS backlog data report
  97. IV Update: Employ America Act introduced
  98. Problem donating to IV
  99. Lou Dobbs
  100. New law to protect surviving family members
  101. Innovation Employment Act (Introduced in House)
  102. Meeting with lawmakers: King of Prussia area (PA)
  103. Announcement - Immigration Voice National Advisory Board
  104. Bill to Eliminate Diversity Immigration Visa and Allocate the Numbers to Employment-B
  105. Good News for US masters??
  106. Piecemeal bill will be come eventually
  107. IV Update: Good news for people stuck due to security checks while waiting for visas
  108. Will Visa Recapture happen -A question for Pappu and Core Team
  109. Reason for EB2 India forward movement in October???
  110. IV update on Visa numbers and FOIA data
  111. Eb3 India Pending I485 Report(Time to wake up)
  112. How to become Multi-Millionaire by Tuesday!! or worst in 10 years!!!
  113. New idea: Sunsetting EB3 catagory
  114. From IV: Calling all GC and citizen members
  115. SENATE HEARING[08-06-09]: CIR - Employment-Based Immig to Propel America's Econ...
  116. Senate SubCommittee Meating:July 21st, 2009, 2:00pm
  117. H1B renewal / EAD Link....
  118. HR 2892-FY10 Homeland Security Appropriations bill
  119. 2009 USCIS ombudsman's report is available
  120. Contact congress to include legal aleins in Amnesty
  121. Donar Forum Access not working
  122. Send fax for free to congressmen meeting President today
  123. White House Says Immigration Reform Unlikely in ’09
  124. CIR and What's Ahead
  125. IV is on Twitter now
  126. Singh is King and will Get back our SS and MC $
  127. Prashanthi Reddy on BBC - Visas dry up
  128. Good bill for IV Singles - Honda Introduces Bill- Good for
  129. Vote 'Yes' for Immigration reform bill - 5882
  130. Donors Forum : Compete America
  131. Issue with Staffing firm being used for AC21
  132. From IV: Big interview opportunity: pls help
  133. Visa Recapture Bill Reintroduced in Senate
  134. Analysis of Durbin Grassley Bill and IV's position
  135. Obama sets WH immigration reform meeting for June 8
  136. Any Schedule of H1B/L1 reform bill introduced in the Senate
  137. Sen. Sessions Gets on the Sen. Judiciary Committee
  138. IV announcement:State Chapter Leaders needed
  139. Sen. Grassley may take up ranking member slot at Judiciary
  140. CIR Hearing and ALAN GREENSPAN Testifying.
  141. Comprehensive Immigration Reform in 2009, Can We Do It and How?”
  142. Redefine Same or Similar Job position
  143. Would this new H1B bill affect?
  144. IV Update: Text of the 'outsourcing bill'
  145. Reform H1B and L1 Visa Program - Introduced on April 23rd 2009
  146. call attorneys to answer questions on IV thread
  147. Update: Bill disguised as 'Americans First' under consideration
  148. suggestions needed.
  149. BIG NEWS !! US Employers overcome greed, forgo cheap labor.
  150. Illegal Individuals getting EAD
  151. IV Action Item: Pls contact your lawyers
  152. Revive and grow the economy through foreign high-skilled immigrants
  153. From IV: Do you have experience writing proposals?
  154. We call Obama to listen to the American public and not to small angry fringe groups
  155. Reliance India call US customer rip off
  156. Obama to take on immigration reform as early as MAY 2009, sources say
  157. White house backtracks on immigration
  158. Obama to Push Immigration Bill Despite the Risks
  159. Create YouTube video campaign
  160. Why not ape the British?
  161. Will More Regular Updates from Core make You Contribute More?
  162. CIR isn't going to be cake walk
  163. IV can help members in desperate situations
  164. What will CIR look like?
  165. H.R 1791 STAPLE Act
  166. April Contributions
  167. Launching online Merchandise Store
  168. DREAM Act 2009 reintroduced
  169. Immi reform this year --Confirmed?
  170. Suggestions for IV Core
  171. My w2 for u
  172. AC 360 blog on CNN
  173. What would you ask president obama?
  174. New CRS report is out
  175. H1B Extension for TARP funded companies
  176. Media opportunity - Washington Post - Job offer recind by TARP funded company
  177. Congressional staff meeting
  178. This just in - Obama to tackle CIR over next few months
  179. IV feature : Ask a lawyer details
  180. Action Alert - Not grabbing Attention
  181. USCIS Announces $1.2 Million Citizenship Grant Program.
  182. New talk of CIR
  183. Start of the Donor Forum on IV
  184. Senate ready for CIR
  185. Action item - TV interview opportunity - North-East US
  186. Action Item : Update Profile on IV site
  187. From IV: Those who got FOIA response from USCIS, Do This
  188. H1B Stamping in USA - Poll
  189. Where is it all going ....
  190. Just Released New Study - America's Loss is the World's Gain
  191. Action item: Opportunity to get your story with the press/media
  192. PROPOSAL: 485 Adjudication during retrogression
  193. PROPOSAL: 485 Adjudication during retrogression
  194. Possible new bill to put more restrictions on us
  195. HR 264 Introduced to Congress
  196. Will Stimulus Bills encourage TARP-companies to increase Outsourcing?
  197. Breaking news update on HR1
  198. Pre-Application of AOS
  199. Out of Box thought - Admin Fix
  200. How about rally against H-1B ban?
  201. Employ American Workers Act - Why this is bad for America?
  202. Urgent: Op-ed needed on recent anti-foriegn worker amendment
  203. All Laid off members gather here
  204. Time to start asking for refund of our Social Security and Medicare taxes
  205. Write to Media Campaign
  206. Reverse Brain Drain Online Radio Show - Prof Wadhwa
  207. First Immigration bill this year: State Children's Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)
  208. Green Card after 5 years presence! (Bill introduced)
  209. Give back a little, Start with this
  210. Help needed to Make IV Wiki better
  211. Tired and Frsturated with Life in America
  212. Attention IV website admin
  213. Tune in for ALL NEW IV on 700am
  214. Have you lost your Job? Are at risk?- A reporter wants to know
  215. IV Announcement: ALL NEW IV
  216. Immigration reform bill in 2009
  217. Called Lofgreen Congresswomans office
  218. USCIS : Most greedy in US
  219. Hello there Moderator
  220. Save America Comprehensive Immigration Act of 2009 H.R. 264
  221. H.R.264 Save America Comprehensive Immigration Act of 2009
  222. Revoke subsituted labors campaign
  223. 111th Congress and Immigration bills
  224. How about PP for GC?
  225. Anyone working for Google?
  226. The First Ten Senate Bills.- New Congress
  227. IV is on facebook too
  228. New Letter-Another-Action Item
  229. This is a good way to push for legal bill
  230. Bad News - New Federal Investigation on Donor of Bill Richardson
  231. Recession, migrant movements: Are you planning to move to another country/Homecountry
  232. Legal Immigration and Obama's "Open for Questions"
  233. IV can Consider to " Seat At the Table" with Obama-Biden Transition Team
  234. CIR in early 2009 and need to attend DC Rally
  235. Lets March Again in DC. WILL YOU DO IT?
  236. IV needs head count for DC Rally ( March 1st Week, 2009)
  237. deleted thread
  238. Obama's immigration team named
  239. New DHS Secretary in Obama Administration
  240. US immigrant groups to march the day after Obama takes control
  241. From IV Urgent need to speak with a reporter
  242. Immigration Does Not Seem To Be A Top Priority For The Upcoming Administration
  243. Lame Duck Session 2008 Appears Certain
  244. Visa Bulletin For December 2008 Out
  245. Obama's specific answers on Immigration and H1B
  246. Congratulations Letter to President-Elect Obama
  247. Lame Duck Session 2008
  248. Nov 08 Contribution
  249. IV fund driving idea..
  250. Has anybody got reply from USCIS??