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  1. good idea to switch back to H1-B from H4-EAD in trump administration?
  2. Initiating multiple H1 transfer
  3. INVITATION: A Call with President Obama on ACA Open Enrollment
  4. EB3 to EB2
  5. ***HELP*** P.D. July 7, 2011, EB2 Category, Resgined Y'day!!
  6. Immigrant Visa numbers report.
  7. How to get a compensation after car accident?
  8. Available Visa Numbers
  9. After GC, change of employer
  10. Speed up PERM audit: let's act and sign this petition!
  11. petition to eliminate EB quota
  12. Alien Registration Number Change I485
  13. Regd my employer filing case against me. Mahindra Satyam
  14. newbie to this board
  15. Regarding my previous employer who is no paying my due amount and not responding
  16. Name Change
  17. Wrong entry date on I-765(EAD)
  18. Case of the missing voters (& how they would not have changed the results)
  19. card production ordered
  20. Welcome to the United States of America
  21. Greened
  22. Emergency Travel to India - Is Client Letter Required?
  23. Emergency Travel to India
  24. USCIS Work Load
  25. When to expect GC? I-140/485 filed in June.
  26. Labor in EB2 and I140 in EB3?
  27. Passport Renewal VFS Washington
  28. Green card
  29. AC21 Questions
  30. Out of Status for 2 years - Convert to H-4?
  31. Want to know about Consultant
  32. Is EB2 porting worth it for me?
  33. B2 visitor visa to h1b transfer
  34. H1B change on company in 6th year
  35. Pending EB2 folks with PD , please gather here
  36. Green Card
  37. URGENT question regarding H1b transfer
  38. Self Filing
  39. Returning resident visa
  40. Any thoughts/calculations for EB2-I to reach Oct 2007?
  41. No more GC approval till Oct 3rd
  42. GC Current
  43. H1B Hours
  44. H1B can work for their own company, EB2 certification made easier
  45. August 2011 approvals
  46. EB1 Rejection
  47. EB2 folks with PD prior to 1-1-2007, please gather here
  48. USCIS-EB2 Analysis - Service-wide receipts and Approvals for FY 2011
  49. Unusual case, unusual processing
  50. Aug 2011 Demand Data Released !!
  51. How to win over the confidence of US govt. esp when there are common problems
  52. Indian born Spouse Entry to US
  53. Chances of EB2I becoming current this year!!!!
  54. I-140 approval in 3 months
  55. Does this message mean EAD approved?
  56. Best option for renewing the passport in this scenario
  57. what happened on my I-140 (PERM based) RFE?
  58. Update on EB-2 - Att. Prashanthi Reddy
  59. PD nearing - Employer changing hourly rate - will it affect EB2 classification or 485
  60. US start-up visa bill to boost entrepreneurship
  61. Visitor Visa
  62. Decision Time - Canada or NZ
  63. H1-B recapture
  64. March 2011 Bulletin is OUT
  65. Arizona style bills
  66. Your thoughts on a shorter ban from the us, if you went back to your country?
  67. Why not include border security in CIR?
  68. team mate i40 denied
  69. I am in soo much trouble please Help
  70. New Pending I-485 Inventory Report is out!!!
  71. Fate of HR 5882
  72. What do you think?
  73. Reckless Driving / Pending 485 - Please Help
  74. Frustrated?
  75. New Year Resolution
  76. track..it is infected with virus, be cautious when visiting that website
  77. track..itt is infected with virus, be cautious when visiting that website
  78. Friend in EB2I got "Card production ordered" email with priority date June 27, 2006!!
  79. to better understand the process
  80. What is a discussion and analysis?
  81. Senate today
  82. USCIS Director responds to Ombudsman's report 2010
  83. Advance Parole - Poll
  84. File 485 when PD is not current???
  85. Radio show and after thoughts
  86. Very urgent. Pls. Help - Friend expired - Need advise for his Wife Status and Travel
  87. What is happening here?
  88. Pending data?
  89. When are we accounted as backlogged?
  90. Public drinking in Newark.
  91. Lost opportunities and lost hope :(
  92. Urgent help needed - bringing spouse into country
  93. Argument Against DREAM Act Amnesty
  94. EB2 INDIA POST MAY'2006 Analysis, estimate and Prediction
  95. Recommend Lawyer for EB1 Physician
  96. Any idea when the latest pending 485 inventory statistics might be out?
  97. For what it's worth - EB3 Waiting List (incl India)
  98. Does this mean all 2010 DoS Visa quota has been used up ?
  99. USCIS seeking feedback - Focus Group Sept. 14 Dallas, TX
  100. What does this mean?
  101. Sep 2010 Demand data is out and stay tuned for visa bulletin
  102. EB2 - contract job- get GC or stick to fulltime and interfile to get EB2-GC?? Dilema
  103. EB3 to EB2 transfer - Poll/steps
  104. Recieved email from MI Senator : S.A. 4319 is job killer. Please vote NO
  105. Leaked Admin Fix memo
  106. Song for those waiting for GC
  107. CIR without Visa recapture ???
  108. USCIS: Policy Review Survey Results.
  109. Dream Act
  110. R2i
  111. Family to Employment based spill over
  112. Newark, NJ Expedited Removal Case Resolved
  113. Confused with status message.
  114. Processing of Applications by USCIS
  115. REPAIR act
  116. UK visa times
  117. Eb3. How come 2003-2007 applications are being processed?
  118. H4 Visa student internship
  119. Possible spillover to EB3 -28,945 ??
  120. Senate Judiciary Cmte. Hearing on U.S.C.I.S
  121. Is it possible to port from EB2 to EB1?
  122. H1B cap count for FY11
  123. Interest read from Economist.
  124. How prevalent is getting GC when PD is not current
  125. USCIS: Our mission and what we do not do!
  126. USCIS: Practical Immigration Consequences for Foreign Workers in a Slowing Economy
  127. USCIS FY 2009 balance sheet Independent audit report
  128. What happens to Social security and medicaid contributions
  129. FB GC related
  130. ITIN holders cannot open IRA ?!!
  131. The Beacon - The Official USCIS blog
  132. Letters by children
  133. pre adhudicated status in uscis case status online
  134. EB2 ROW spill over
  135. advice on ac21
  136. Re-Entry on AP - EWR/Newark
  137. H1B Port Of Entry issue
  138. H1B Port Of Entry issue
  139. I-140 Approved in EB2 - Infopass IO says EB3
  140. PERM Data for 2009 just released.
  141. Suggestions on paid subscriptions of IV
  142. What happens when H1B transfer gets denied
  143. Dubai 4 day Stopover visa on Advance Parole?
  144. Urgent help needed. Chaning company
  145. FOIA documents
  146. unlawful presence
  147. Work Site Inspection..
  148. EAD expiring soon.. Can we e-file I-765 ?
  149. IV Focus: Not just USCIS, State Deptt can help us
  150. Federal CIO Vivek Kundra improving USCIS
  151. Re-entering US on B1 Visa
  152. Spill over has happened (according to Ron)
  153. I-485 Interview- needed help.....
  154. Call to Action for Immigration Reform
  155. National Processing Volumes and Trends: Not updated yet?!
  156. PIO vs OCI
  157. Why is the EB3 availability date not Dec 03?
  158. DECEMBER Visa Bulletin Predictions!
  159. I 485 - EB 2 Dec 2003 Improper transfer to other local office
  160. US Economy grew by 3.5% in 3rd Qtr.
  161. Good Anaylysis of Visa distribution.
  162. Bill to Eliminate diversity visa program
  163. h1b audit
  164. Donor forum: Filing I-485 when PD is not current
  165. Urgent -- Need to travel AP expiring in 2 Daya
  166. I140 Denied / Motion to Reopen / AP
  167. EB2 be current by Dec'09 ?? and EB3 ??
  168. Ok guys : Here total i-485's per country
  169. Obama and Legal Immigrats
  170. Filing new LCA
  171. Question regarding pay rate
  172. Important update on visa cutoff date movement from Ron
  173. All 2009 EB3 approvals: Please post here
  174. question about fingerprint notice
  175. EB3 - Eb2 Conversion poll
  176. Physical Card with out a CPO email/ status
  177. EB3--EB2 Porting
  178. Did anybody file H1b extention recently
  179. Visit from Homeland Security Officer
  180. NewYork State chapter
  181. Ask Employer to reimburse GC processing fees
  182. Antis preparing for onslaught
  183. Travel on OPT after graduation
  184. Really Important!! Help Improve USCIS.gov
  185. Notice for "Initial Interview". What is this?
  186. Unemployment benefits claim in the state of Pennsylvania
  187. Poll : Regarding 485 Filling
  188. I-140 Application. Current Status: Document mailed to applicant.
  189. question regarding Status of H1B in Job Boards
  190. I485 and I765 transfer
  191. Engineering hot at Universities
  192. get a life............
  193. Is TSC Pre-adjudicating I-485's?
  194. I-485 case transferred to NBC
  195. Is it true ? EB Dependents mis classified under EMPLOYMENT quota?
  196. High Skilled Immigration can help US Economic Recovery
  197. Memorandum of marriage
  198. Going for B1 Visa but H1B rejected earlier
  199. Reply H1 RFE or Withdraw and be on EAD?
  200. H1(485 pending) first time home buyer benefits 2009
  201. 03/31/2009: USCIS Releases Eye-View of Target Processing Times at 09/30/2009 and Curr
  202. If H1B extension is rejected does it effect my I140 application.
  203. OPT to H1-B: Urgent help needed
  204. AOS vs CP
  205. Immigration Explorer
  206. H4 to H1 and back to H4
  207. Contracting Government jobs to end soon
  208. IO discretion at POE
  209. advice needed : h1b - eb3, job switch, etc
  210. IVians: Lets not fights amongst ourselves on National, Reg., Language, Race, EB cat.
  211. Observation/ Suggestion
  212. Passport renewel
  213. TSC Processing times
  214. What Obama Can Learn On His Trip To Canada Today
  215. Question: Temporary credit for home buyers
  216. Why to wait 8 years POD April2001
  217. H1b - Systematic Ethnic Cleansing of Indians + Chinese Professionals out of US...
  218. Immigration sub-committee announced