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  1. Obama drops ball on immigration - By Ruben Navarrette Jr. CNN
  2. Is I-94 needed to stay on EAD.
  3. USCIS roundtable on customer service
  4. Steps after receiving GC
  5. Direct 485 filing(AOS) if I140 approved ??
  6. Chinese Green Card...
  7. Divorce Between Conditional and Permanent Residency - Now Citizenship?
  8. I lost I-94, got F-1, nonimmigration. Do I have to pay $320!! and how long it takes??
  9. Documents to show one staying with sponsor for "required time" after GC
  10. AC21 Process
  11. AAO Phone number
  12. Health Care Reform rings the death toll for any immigration reform
  13. By law how many days one is required to stay with sponsor after GC approval in EB2?
  14. Ask Questions to your Lawmaker
  15. Passport renewal questions
  16. what to know if USCIS going to halt Concurrent Filing of I-140 and I-485?
  17. Nothing is going to change...
  18. Advice reg GC processing
  19. Free Call to India
  20. Evaluation Agency Warning
  21. Anti-immigrant commercials on CNN national network...
  22. Received CPO & Welcome mail today- Question on address change
  23. U.S. government seeks $5M in H-1B fraud case
  24. Andhra CM YSR missing
  25. Intresting article in NYtimes.com
  26. DHS new laptop search policy
  27. What happens IF h1b guy wins a NJ mega millions
  28. Spilled over visa number
  29. History of Indian Immigration to the United States
  30. Calling all Anti Immigrants to read this.....
  31. Job opportunities
  32. EB2-I can take upto 40 years, says State Department Visa official
  33. Is it ok to accept part time jobs on EAD?
  34. PIO Card Issue. Rude employee at Embassy of India. Where can I complain?
  35. Is Acro a scam or body shop?
  36. Call to india free from vonage 24.99 plan from today
  37. Passport Renewal in India
  38. Job market in NYC for international students
  39. SRK faced immigration issues
  40. Self Introduction
  41. Can I switch from a Student visa to a resident visa
  42. Will my kid's case stuck due to ND issue?
  43. My Kitsch is Their Cool
  44. Fastest growing illegal immigrant population..
  45. Refiling I140 - Please advice
  46. Immigration fix to wait, Obama says at summit
  47. codex alimentarius and asian food and medicine.
  48. Number of threads per day on IV
  49. Read this article!!
  50. Misleading messages
  51. Sponsoring visitior visa on EAD
  52. TX - Civil Rights Group Wants to Block Drivers License Rules
  53. Flying Lufthansa with an expired H1B Visa & Valid H1B Petition
  54. Priority Date from previous LC
  55. Attorney's Fee - Fraud
  56. Class based approach to healthcare
  57. Idioms...Crying baby gets milk first.
  58. USCIS.gov Redesign countdown
  59. AOS Pending, Entered on H1-B & I 94 Expiring..Advice Please
  60. Google search techniques
  61. Commodity trading - Pls share your experiences
  62. Let's take a break
  63. O+ blood required for blood cancer patient in mumbai
  64. Refinance Program Expands to Cover Mortgages 25% Under Water
  65. UK Business Visa
  66. Congress may push India's IT firms to Mexico with H-1B crackdown
  68. Got $500K? Get a green card
  69. Recruitment to Indian Companies..
  70. How do I help my mother-in-law?
  71. sending money 2 india
  72. H1-B and GC transition for a new company?
  73. Can I transfer to CA Service Center?
  74. Blood Cancer Treatment in India
  75. Need suggestion for ticket to India
  76. In delimma, advice needed desparately
  77. Is Healthcare reform failure good for immigration?
  78. Schengen Visa Urgent
  79. Where will the RFE go?
  80. CNN - Where Tech Jobs Are
  81. Eb2 to Eb1 and Interfile
  82. Document other than card or travel document mailed to applicant
  83. Alberta Immigration
  84. Nightmares with AP - Help for Emergency
  85. From IV: Access to Donor forum issues
  86. Currency Exchange
  87. Effect of other immigration programs
  88. 145K apps adjudicated
  89. HELP ASAP about AP
  90. Finally...GC
  91. Travel Agents in chicago area
  92. Travel Info help to Indore needed
  93. Donor, but no access to donor forms
  94. H1B to H4 transfer
  95. H1
  96. Accomodation in calgary ,ab, canada
  97. Should we not join hands with sean hannity and Rush ?
  98. MD/VA/DC Area Members
  99. suspicious profile - kara1 ???????
  100. SR response of I-485 RFE
  101. I485 RFE about Unauthorized Employment
  102. Anybody from biotech field here?
  103. Options for H1B refiling case after Initial H1b approved
  104. Owning a Gun on Green Card in California
  105. An Idea to leverage numbersusa, Market Forces
  106. Need for Immigration Reform - Good Article
  107. MBA and AID
  108. A Way Forward on Immigration
  109. Bullet from India, now in USA
  110. CLASS action lawsuit against USCIS
  111. Sweden (Schengen) Visa and Travel Insurance
  112. Passport renwal questions
  113. AC 21 Portability and New Employer like Infosys India, Wipro India, IBM India
  114. Photo Feature: Lord Ganesh On Beer Bottle
  115. Issue: I-485 Denial, Leave USA, US Loans - Hypothetical
  116. Schengen Visa
  117. Will I be eligible for Z-Visa or Path to legalization if CIR passes
  118. Michael JacksonóDies at 50
  119. Fax campaign.
  120. Created the AZ group for IV members
  121. How CIR gonna help us.
  122. U.S. Senate leader pushes immigration reform bid
  123. H1B company lookup
  124. Interested Mavni Applicants
  125. I-140/I-485 denied. Transferred H1 to new company
  126. Just thinking how USCIS works..office office style.
  127. *NEW* Blog @ DHS
  128. US Media double-standards
  129. Nice video
  130. Wife bugging you to buy a house :D
  131. support CIR only after seeing something for EB non-ROW.
  132. rally yes or no
  133. AZ state chapter
  134. AC 21 and Hourly pay
  135. Student Visa
  136. India denies visa to US religious freedom watchdogs
  137. Immigration becomes part of Life!
  138. Conrad 30 improvement Act
  139. Deepak Bhargava The Huffington Post Pro Immigration writer
  140. Mind of the (American) politician
  141. Need HELP URGENT !!!!
  142. Extension after 6 yrs
  143. USCIS Conflict of interest: Applicant Vs Application-fee-funded agencies
  144. Georgia Coalition Joins Call for Immigration Reform
  145. Need a Doctor for Slum children in Delhi
  146. entered on AP and I-94 expired
  147. depression2 ? you decide.
  148. CPA missouri information
  149. Saturn for $100 to $200 mn
  150. time to buy a home ? long term prospects
  151. Adoption
  152. Lot of new users
  153. Vote Yes for EB Visa Recapture
  154. cruise
  155. Help needed for labor attorney in NJ for filing criminal charges against employer
  156. vote "Yes" for bill S.1085
  157. Canadian PR working from US
  158. About half of VC-backed company founders are immigrants
  159. how to Resign from desi consulting company
  160. Companies moving away from the US
  161. Stopped by US Border Patrol
  162. IV member on cruise!!
  163. Is SSN needed to work on EAD
  164. Publicize your value addition to US
  165. I need help with REF for I-131
  166. NPR's article - Goodone!
  167. Bill to End Birthright Citizenship
  168. H1b Extension denied for Client letter - MTR/other Options
  169. The end
  170. Need Help with email from USCIS. Document mailed to applicant
  171. India Election Results - 2009
  172. Singh is King!!
  173. Daily updated News......See good news for Nebraska Center
  174. Any help in relocating to Midland, Texas
  175. Who is comming to america.
  176. What all we lose to try and get a residency over here
  177. Any recent H1B Stamping experiances in chennai consulate in india?
  178. Why do we need H1B/L1 programs?
  179. finally a good news for you all !!
  180. Wow amazing policy
  181. france transit / airport issues
  182. Need help-I485MTR pending more than year
  183. Immigration & housing
  184. What is FRESNO TAX REFUND?
  185. one way to make the EB3 current
  186. Status update on action items
  187. How to get the copy of LCA
  188. Non-Immigration Topic:- How to Educate the Police in US about other cultures
  189. My H1B is going to be revoked
  190. Travel on EAD/Ap after using AC-21 ??
  191. Buy a Home - Get GC: By Gary Shilling - Economist
  192. Working from India on H1b
  193. Cross Chargeability and ROW derivative kid.
  194. Civis Americanus Sum!
  195. Sri Lankan tamils issues
  196. Interesting blog by one of IV members
  197. Is OK a good place to live?
  198. WHO raises the level Swine flu indiacting a wide spread human infection: CNN
  199. India travel advisory for swine flu
  200. SAP training
  201. Pending immigration bills with greater chance of passing
  202. POE @ Newark today on 04/28/09
  203. Indian shot dead - contribution for Harish Roy
  204. L1 Visa - Misuse by filing in EB1
  205. When to file AR-11?
  206. Who is the Attorney?
  207. G-325A ( last Employment Abroad )
  208. Immigration status after filing Family Based AOS
  209. No "Until" Date on Visitors I-94
  210. Steps To Stop/ Reduce Spam Postings
  211. 2010 H1-B cap still not reached
  212. H1B Transfer - Need Advice
  213. Moving from 401 K
  214. Donors forum question
  215. vivek wadhwa on India and China's growth and what US can learn from them
  216. Opt F1 visa expired
  217. Choosing TSC v/s NSC
  218. Job Bootcamp in Silicon Valley
  219. Family Based AOS filing timing
  220. back in business!!
  221. Call me a hopeless optimist but...
  222. One more VISA scam
  223. Attn Core: Twitter Account for IV
  224. Nice joke on NRIs
  225. Most green and red dots
  226. News - Can they give EADs away?
  227. ImmigrationVoice website is worth.....
  228. False alarm on job background check pls help
  229. Welcome Notice Received Today
  230. Visit Sen Durbin's webpage and post message
  231. Did you know ?
  232. working part time on EAD
  233. Great opportunity for IV to insert agenda
  234. Previous year taxes
  235. Health care information systems and related opportunities
  236. Immigration Statistics
  237. Next Prime Minister Of India
  238. Anti-immigrant bigotry Hall of Shame
  239. I-693 ( Medical Report) for AOS
  240. IRS Boosts Scrutiny of Overseas Money
  241. china wants new world currency to replace dollar
  242. while we are wasting our lives on petty things
  243. Good immigration lawyer in Edison, NJ
  244. Congressional Research Service PR Report 2009
  245. London Airport Transfers
  246. Alien Registration Number (A#) for I-485/I-130
  247. Actual EAD card
  248. 267 (32 members and 235 guests)
  249. Tragic accident in MO
  250. Petro dollar