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  1. How is Jet Airways from NY to IND?
  2. Internet connection options in India
  3. AP Process – Help
  4. Chennai US Vice-Consul Maureen Chao's remark
  5. Happy Independence Day for All Indians.
  6. Customer Service Call for AP delay
  7. Time to convert liquid assets?
  8. Passport Renewal Sanfransisco
  9. Australian Visa
  10. JULY 2011 derivative filling for EB-2I
  11. California "Dream Act" approved for illegal immigrants
  12. KLM Airlines vs Air France
  13. DOL Debarment: Good for victimized workers?
  14. Bill To Abolish Visa Lottery Moves To Full House
  15. Exempt techies from social security taxes, India tells US
  16. After GC - Working for Same employer timeframe
  17. Rajiv Dixit - Social activist
  18. Blasts in Mumbai Again
  19. Indian American Ricky Gill to run for Congress
  20. Good Consulting Companies??
  21. Seattle To Vancouver
  22. Visitor's visa - extension -beyond 6months
  23. CBP response - Approval of I 485 when outside the US
  24. Germany Knows it..!
  25. Cross country: Undocumented immigrant
  26. Does anybody have (Reliable)IPTV for Indian channels?
  27. Indian village named for a god now honors SnapDeal.com
  28. Offtopic- Did any of you here receive ITIN number in 2011?
  29. Gerber food in Mumbai (Mulund)
  30. Argument ettiquette - rules of engagement
  31. http://www.ndtv.com/article/world/canada-allows-10-year-multiple-entry-visas-to-india
  32. Alabama governor signs tough new immigration law
  33. July bulletin released - breaking news
  34. Growing participation in IV forum
  35. Transit visa required or not for Travelers on AP or any Visa like H1
  36. Come here, work, go home: UK tells migrants
  37. Sukanya Roy is America's spelling bee champion
  38. Does anybody know if Oracle files green card
  39. EB2 Who Missed July 2007
  40. New I-485 Inventory released
  41. Credit card debt returning US
  42. Green card number for airline reservation: Please help.
  43. Primary & Dependent 485 at NSC and TSC
  44. Any way to Expedite Passport Renewal
  45. Why entrepreneurs are dumping US
  46. 140 Porting
  47. Travelling within US without passport
  48. "Priority Date" box on I-486 Receipt Notice blank
  49. DHS and USCIS conference call on May 25th
  50. Arizona takes controversial immigration law to Supreme Court
  51. California Driver License Secure Card delays
  52. A stupid POLL
  53. Over 50% US green card holders plan to return home: Survey
  54. Anyone recent travelled via Frankfurt with AP
  55. Indian-Americans protest over new Indian visa rules
  56. personal loan to buy property in india
  57. Barack Obama committed to comprehensive immigration reform
  58. Travisa outsourcing - SFO
  59. Superman renounces US citizenship.
  60. 150,000 entrepreneurs in US have returned to India!
  61. When the President had to respond to an RFE
  62. Coming back to US after travelling to Bahamas with a L1B visa
  63. Houston
  64. Immigration reform
  65. Major reprieve for those seeking H-1B visa extension
  66. proof of address for OCI / PIO
  67. Visa fraud-New case in Cali
  68. An interesting article in Huffington Post
  69. Advocacy contributions - Reminder /Motivate yourself for contributions
  70. Here is the My Bulletin
  71. Salary Info Needed
  72. Is it True ?? Over a million new US green card holders in 2010: Study
  73. Is there any provision for taking back application of I-765?
  74. India Vs Australia World cup: predictions
  75. Germany eases immigration laws for professionals
  76. can I donate 50$ as one time contribution?
  77. Equal employment opportunity - Filing charges
  78. Pro Skilled Immigration Article in Times of India
  79. Moving from Bay Area to Chicago
  80. Taste, smell, touch of a Green card
  81. Job Networking in Detroit Metro area
  82. Where to buy a good Family Health Insurance?
  83. where to watch/hear world cup cricket
  84. H1b RFE - its new
  85. how will this work
  86. Travel Companion from BLR to BOS
  87. How long wait for citizenship
  88. H2-B workers suing US govt...
  89. PIO Card Houston
  90. Flying via Canada to India on AP
  91. Gulf air Boston to Bombay-- Any experiences
  92. For all EB2, EB3 and ROW
  93. I 245 and out of status
  94. Job loss due to EAD renewal Issue: Can I file for unemployment?
  95. Interesting High Skilled Immigration Panel on C-SPAN2 right now
  96. Flying to Philadelphia to Hyderabad ...
  97. Clients List who are issuing Client Letter's
  98. Did your life change after green card?
  99. Does Canadian Consulate in Detroit grant walk-in tourist visa
  100. OCI card holders affected by new rules – Indian families facing hardship
  101. Why is there Greencard backlog?
  102. Visitor Visa without attenting Interview at consulate
  103. Going Back to India
  104. H1B visa when started? IT Boom when?
  105. BofA rejected auto loan
  106. Andhra Rocks. Andhra bags 7 of top 10 IIT ranks
  107. AP applied April 20, 2010. No Approval Yet. What are my Options?
  108. best cities for indian children to live
  109. Interpretation of Indian VISA
  110. Unemployment Benefits on EAD Seems OK!!
  111. Chinese parenting
  112. H1B Visa stamping delays due to security checks?
  113. Rumor that Tri-Vall Univ is closed?
  114. List of EB3 Immigrants to be proud of
  115. Valid/Unexpired NY Drivers license but expired visa date on the license
  116. Where to go back in India
  117. OCI (Overseas Citizen of India)
  118. Record $14 trillion-plus debt weighs on Congress
  119. health insurance for parents
  120. getting a citizenship after a felony reduced to a misdemeanor
  121. Snub for Top Immigration Post Doesn't Muzzle Rep. Steve King
  122. EB2 Current - Feb 2011
  123. Feb VB out..
  124. New memo regarding retrogressed applications
  125. Any approvals/finger printing expired
  126. Health insurance for parents
  127. Am I eligible for H1B?
  128. A New Year's Reflection on Immigration
  129. planning to go in Canada
  130. where to find informations about UK visa?
  131. Why is everyone quiet?
  132. Wireless Internet in India
  133. my experience on cruise vacation from immigrant point of view
  134. History Channel Program "Naturalized"....No H1 Coverage
  135. visitor visa - date - hyderabad - query
  136. workings of a dysfunctional govt
  137. Job Oppurtunity!!! Direct Client Req for OPT/CPT
  138. USCIS Initiative to Combat the Unauthorized Practice of Immigration Law
  139. Extra Column of pending visa numbers in month determination for EB quota by DOS
  140. Is salary in India so high?
  141. AILA is salivating
  142. DS160 form submission (B2 Visa)
  143. L1 Blanket visa
  144. Husband’s Passport – Should it be updated with Marital Status?
  145. Whos Who of famous Indian Immigrants
  146. Guess who is having Poori Sabzi
  147. need to understand visa recapture
  148. Dream Act after Thanksgiving
  149. Consular Processong after I-140 applied (for non CP)
  150. Eb3 to Eb2 and then job change
  151. TX Driver's License on EAD in Houston
  152. I have a social security how do i obtain a work permit
  153. What can Sen.Brown do for us?
  154. Immigration: Smith and King
  155. Economics of Immigration Reform
  156. Pending Eb3 AOS Vs college applications - need help
  157. Will we be part of this statistics?
  158. Nothing to do with Immigration...
  159. Expectations going into 112th Congress
  160. Java Programmer salaries in NY/DC/SF
  161. The other elephant
  162. Transit visa needed at Dubai?
  163. If our future is in the US..
  164. Obama's trip to India and us..
  165. interesting stuff
  166. Infant US citizen travelling back with Uncle and Aunt
  167. Please vote for Narayanan Krishnan - a CNN Hero
  168. What are we doing here, I wonder?
  169. Political theatrics
  170. No House for Democrats = No CIR
  171. Time to End the IRCA Squeeze
  172. Excuse me Senator, would you like a cup of Tea?
  173. Off Topic:Canadian Immigration Quotas
  174. Way to go Sachin Chheda
  175. Unemployment misery..
  176. Restoring the American Dream
  177. EAD vs GC US Export Restrictions
  178. Seven-year-old girl talks about immigration.
  179. Immigration cases being tossed by the hundreds
  180. What unites us...
  181. Bin Laden, deputy, living in luxury in northwest Pak protected by ISI: NATO official
  182. Job visas only for highly skilled, salaried foreigners: govt
  183. Multiple-biometric IDs in India
  184. Power of attorney
  185. Where are we in this report?
  186. EPI report on H1B
  187. $50 million to Cornell by TATA
  188. Tweet the Prez today
  189. Work Authorization Is Not Lawful Status
  190. Cos - h4 to f1 - opt - travel - query
  191. Immigration Questions
  192. AP Online Or Paper ?
  193. Health Insurance Jargons
  194. Have you travelled to India with jewellery?
  195. Commission to evaluate immigration
  196. Immigration: Then and Now
  197. Sound Immigration Policy
  198. A losing game
  199. health insurance for H4 Visa
  200. Parents of LPRs not "immediate relatives"
  201. Has anyone used Wheelchair for Parents in Frankfurt Airport.
  202. Financial Planning webinar
  203. Contributing to IV without being credited for contribution
  204. Statistics on Immigrants in the US
  205. Bridge Collapses at Commonwealth Games
  206. Physicians
  207. I 140 q
  208. Diversifying Immigrationvoice - Admins and participants, please provide your input
  209. H4 TO F1 - no receipt of notice
  210. Can You do this atleast!
  211. Low hanging fruit
  212. How do you feel after getting Greencard?
  213. PERM Question: Impact of holding company stocks
  214. I-140 filing - Premium processing more scrutiny?
  215. EB3 predication for fiscal year 2010-2011
  216. Jump to new job for EB3-->EB2
  217. Seven Myths That Cloud Immigration Debate
  218. OCT VB predication. EB2, where are we? time to start thread.
  219. OT: Gifts to India website - Suggestions?
  220. Applying for a h1b visa for a non- profit org
  221. AZ Governor
  222. Case pre adjudicated, Prority Date Currest in Sept. Gurus..Please share Experience fr
  223. Going back to India, more profitable
  224. Straight Question: Can I hire an attorney to file GC?
  225. Approved I-140 and EB3 pending VISA Number
  226. H1 transfer, approved Labor with other employer.
  227. Another ex of broken immigration system
  228. Is it advisable - H4 to F1
  229. H-1B transfer / extension in parallel ?
  230. Cruise to Mexico on EAD/AP
  231. Lufthansa via Toronto YYZ
  232. case status 'initial review' - predictions
  233. Letter of intent H4 - F1 HELP NEEDED
  234. Background Check
  235. education evaluation for an Indian degree
  236. H4 TO F1 Need an advice
  237. Off-topic, E-Ticket @ Delhi, India Airport
  238. COLTS is back with a vengeance!!
  239. anybody has dish iptv?
  240. S. 3702 - A bill to provide for the adjustment of status for certain long-term condit
  241. Rant & Rave: Losing Weight
  242. Fingerprints for Canadian immigration
  243. December Air Tickets
  244. Suggestion H4 - F1
  245. Anyone Operated a ECommerce - Online Retail Business
  246. Power of Attorney
  247. Free International calls
  248. Amway Quickstar: what is your experience
  249. Discrimination against Indians, Is this legal?
  250. College Savings Plan