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Default Google Voice with GIZMO5

Here is some info about Google Voice with GIZMO5.

Checked out the gizmo5 configuration page, it now has a Google Voice section where you can input your GV username and password. What this does is when you setup a VoIP application or phone with your Gizmo5 login information (make SURE you are using the 10+1 digit gizmo5 phone number to login, not the gizmo5 username), you get free outgoing calling! No more using a separate application or the web to call your gizmo5 number first with your GV #. Just pick a contact and call away. This is great news that gizmo5 and google are collaborating together. I forsee another google takeover soon (I hope).

I tested this with Siphon (iPhone app, from Cydia - free, allows calls over 3gedge) and was able to make outgoing calls right from the VoIP app - before I had to open GVMobile (separate app to call your Gizmo number first before placing the outgoing call), otherwise it would state "you have no gizmo5 outgoing credit, etc".

1) Login to your gizmo5 (Gizmo5 Mobile) account page
2) enter your GV username and password
3) Go to your SIP\Voip\ATA Device or application and enter the following:
-Username: your 10+1 digit Gizmo5 number found on your Gizmo account page
-Password: enter your password
If you don't have a Voip device\router, you can just download the gizmo5 software.
4) Login to GV and add your Gizmo5 number and verify it - pick up the call when you receive it and enter the verification code

DONE - free, easy to use outgoing and incoming calls with your GV number! Everything works great, when you call out, it shows your GV #, and when ppl call your GV #, it should ring your gizmo5 account!

You can also buy an ATA addon and hook up your landline phone to it and use the same settings! Been reading forums and it seems that the Linksys PAP2 NA is the recommended ATA: PAP2 NA on eBay

If youve never heard of gizmo5, they allow unlimited incoming calls. Now this is where Google Voice steps in and the magic happens, whenever you want to call someone via GV, it requires it to call your phone, and then use GV to call out - so basically every call incoming and outgoing, is really incoming. Gizmo5 just made it 100 times easier with this integration and now no callin is required to dial out.

Old Cumbersome Method: Gizmo + Gizmo + PAP2NA + Google Voice = Free Phone Service
New Easy Method: GV + G5 + ATASIP softwareGizmo5 Software = Free Phone Service


once you have Both GV and G5
you just need to make sure you set the PAP2 with your Gizmo GIZMO PHONE NUMBER 1-747-251-XXXX (including the 1 at the beginning BUT without the Dashes so its 1747251XXXX) Not your Gizmo User NAME

Originally Posted by gimmegc View Post
I was suggesting GV for International calling from US once he decides on a basic setup.

In my case, I have Ooma and have a GV number, I call using my GV number and it rings on my Ooma or any of my pre-designated numbers.

BTW, GV's rate to India is 7c/min.
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