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Originally Posted by max4438 View Post
The Oct VB was retrogressed, even though at first they tried, makes it clear that there really isn't any EB visas available for India and China. I don't think it is their fault, it is a simple supply and demand issue.

Using lawyer speak - a sentence should be added on top of future VB - "All China and India EB 2 & 3 stakeholders are advised that EB visas have been exhausted and permanent residency has been closed for th se countries till 2030 or 2035. In the meantime please continue working with your current employees on H1B, STEM OPT, H4 EAD so that the business who filled your EB application can continue receiving cheap services. Also, fuck you. Thank you for your patience."

Let's face it guys green card for Indians and Chinese is closed.
Advocacy is bullshit. we need to put direct pressure on congress and senate. Lobbying is the only way to go..
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