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Originally Posted by chanduv23 View Post
Online case status and infopass are useful for things like address change, namecheck status, finger printing issues , and other issues being dealt where no processing or less processing is required like GC not received, approval not received , letters lost etc...

When it comes to such complicated issues, you have to get real help.

Basically - you have to somehow cut through beurocracy and get your issues resolved.

Good luck, I am sure, things will get under control soon.

Thank you Chandu for the reply. You are right about the info pass. Yesterday I took the info pass. I thought it would be very helpful because I can talk to IO face to face and explain my situation in detail. One thing I would appreciate about IO is she was very patient and she tried to understand my case fully. But at last she said she cannot help me. She said the only option I have left is just to wait to hear from AAO. She said her daily job is to give the latest status of the cases, giving immigration forms and help people if they have any doubts.
I asked her that can I file EAD when my MTR for I485 is pending with AAO? She was not sure about it. Then she made a call to Nebraska Service Centre and found out that I can file EAD. I need to attach I290B receipt along with EAP application form. I am just wondering has any one has done this before? Is that really possible?
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