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WP - as I said, no offense taken. No need to apologize.

Regarding coalition building, it seems that there are just more and more of us who are severely impacted personally. You know I spoke to someone yesterday who married a woman from the same town as my wife and she used the wrong visa to travel after they got married (used a valid B2 instead of filing an I-485 right away). It's a complicated story, but USCIS actually imprisoned her for 13 days and then, after shipping her back, it was 2 years before they could live together in the US, and he could only go there for a few months at a time with the visas for her country.

With immigration, even the rabid anti-immigration people usually have some some personal stories behind them. The example I gave could be the basis for an anti-immigration feeling. I also heard an example of somebody who was injured by an undocumented worker in a car accident; well, they had no auto insurance. That's a legitimate gripe. I think the only way to deal with the rabid anti-immigration people is to reframe the issue and put responsiblity where it is supposed to be: with the Department of Homeland Security. This is an organization that was formed solely for the purpose of centralizing authority and responsibility.

I'm sure the post-Katrina FEMA stories are even worse.

Hopefully, if we can all share enough of these stories we can identify common ground and move forward together. Imagine if every family affected by either FEMA or USCIS got togther and said "we want this entire package of reforms implemented; all or nothing, we stand together." Other agencies in DHS are crazy too. I heard that TSA wouldn't let a 4-year fly because his name was on terrorist watch list. A 4-year old!

An obvious step is just going out there and talking to people in other groups. I also had the idea to try to get the stories out there in a more human way, and I'm working on a web site to do that (to be written in PHP, just like the Joomla package running this site). The concept is at and I have a blog about it at

Of course, every new group like this one is a great step, too!

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